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In progress bar

When the communication between the mobile device and SAP backend is in progress, Neptune shows 3 little squares as an "In progress" indicator. With the color of the background screen, these squares are almost invisible and the users keep hitting the screen thinking mobile device is not responsive. Appreciate if you could do come up with darker or maybe alternative "In progress" square bars

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Hi Swami,

there's a couple of options that you could apply to your busy indicator.

Changing the image -> 2 options

1 - In the default busy indicator... difficult, it requires some hacking of the UI5 libraries.

2 - You can use your own busy indicator with your own icon. Please check the following sample from Neptune Explored:



Changing the color -> it is based on the colors of the selected theme, so there's basically 2 options:

1 - play with the SAP Theme Designer (and change colors)

2 - another option is to try changing the CSS directly:

Example on Bluecrystal theme:

Let us know if this helps to fulfill your requirements!

Kind regards


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