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Policy assignment screen

In NAM menu, the policy option lets us view the policy detail + users assigned to that policy. It would be helpful, if it could also list all the applications(role based items) associated to that policy as well. This would save lot of time as the only option we have currently is to go by each role based item to understand what policy is assigned to it.

Hi Swami,

thanks for your feedback.

We like your idea and will consider your request for the upcoming support package 02.

Thanks & regards


Hi Swami,


UXP 4.0 Support Package 02 will be released today.

We're happy to tell you that your feature request has been implemented. Please check out our release notes, especially the contributors section ;)



You can soon download SP02 here: http://www.neptune-software.com/experience/downloadneptunesoftware/


Best regards


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