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Better linter for the editor


It would be nice if the editor would use the jslint with the similar configuration like openui5 has and if you could improve autocompletion.

For the autocompletion: Something like the monaco editor from microsoft (https://github.com/Microsoft/monaco-editor).

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Hello Robert,

thank you very much for submitting a feature request. :)

Neptune Application Designer (NAD) is currently using ACE which is the same editor used in SAP Webide (and many others).

For beautifying, jsbeautifier is used which includes auto-completion and can be further enhanced.  Now comes the question from me: what specific features do you see in monaco editor that you would like to have in NAD editor ?     (screenshots are very welcome).

Thanks again !  

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Hello Julian,

Mainly the auto-completion which isn't really used at the moment.

At the moment the auto-completion does nonsense like this:

Shows the keywords true, null and more als local but they are defined as keywords.

Or detects a number as an variable.

And it doesn't know which variables are accessible in which context

Another would be if you could add own snippets to the auto-completion or disable existing ones. 

The thing with the linter would be he should warn you more and it would be nice if you could make it more visible. For example 

If the linter would warn you if you call a non-existing function he throws a warning and you know that you didn't create the function yet or you just got a typo. Same is for the variables.

It would prevent some mistakes before you waste time into debugging it.

I'm currently writing all my javascript outside of neptune with my Atom Editor using the semistandard linter. Which helps me to write cleaner code.

Kind regards


Hello Julian,

One thing i totally forgot about is the auto completion for objects.

This would help to find methods and functions.

Kind regards


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