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sap.viz.VizFrame question

Hello everyone,

Maybe i need some help... or answer if this is in general possible.

I'm struggling with setupping in Neptune Designer proper example to show a complex graph.... Explanation of it below:

  1. It will show months on X axis
  2. Each month will have 4 bars with possible negative values (Y axis)
  3. Each of that bar will be divided into 3 sections
  4. Graph has to show 2 lines as well with each month a value for Budget and Forecast value
I've attached example pics of design it for better understanding.


Hi Olek,

Here is a quick example that hopefully will help you:


It does not comply on condition number 3.   But maybe this can be converted to a dual stacked combination chart.  (Have not found any example on SAP either)


Does it help you as a starting point ?   

Have a nice week, kind regards,


Hi Julian,
Thanks a lot for the replay.

Will talk to business and see if we can make it in different way because as i wrote they would like to have stacked bars as well....

Will see what they will say.

Thanks again,


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