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Installation problems on SAP IDES ECC 6.0 (EhP7)

Hi Neptuners,

I am currently trying to install the Neptune UX Platform 4.0 on a SAP IDES ECC 6.0 (EhP7) test/demo server (in the first step without SP1 and SP2 in the installation queue), like described in the installation guide (pdf).

I am logged in client 000 an try to calculate the installation queue in Tx SAINT,

but get the error message (in step 3 - I guess), that the software component versions installed do not fit to the scv of the target installation queue (see attached screen shot).

I think that "Attribute Change Packages (ACPs)" is the right keyword,

but I do not really know what to do know.

Install any ACPs or ignore the error message somehow?

Any ideas/solutions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards


By the way, if it helps:
The SPAM/SAINT Version is 7.40/0063


Hi Stephan,

Welcome to our forums!  and great that you are installing Neptune UXP 4.0.

I am wondering:  apart from NEPTUNE, is there anything else in your Installation Queue?

I think the message you got does not have to do with the Neptune Package installation.

Thanks and kind regards,


 I cannot see anything in the Installation queue.

I also tried to via "Reset the queue" in SPAM -> message: "OCS Queue is empty -> no reset possible"

I attached the whole protocol of the queue calculation.


Hi Stephan,

Maybe we could have a web session in order to see your system, let me know your availability so that I can setup a gotomeeting,

Thank you,

Helder Goncalves

Hi Julian, hi Helder,

I appreciate your help.
I discussed this morning with your colleague Mr. Christoph Garms from Germany,
better to open a new support ticket with reference to this forum topic. Do you agree?!

Thanks and best regards



SAP confirmed "inconsistent" SWCVs in IDES ECC 6.0 (EhP7) which can "inofficially" solved in a non-productive (IDES) SAP system like described in this forum:


Hav a nice christmas time



Hi i have the same problem i i want to know how to resolve my quee is not empty but i didnt want to upgrade other package. 

How can i avoid the Prerequisites to collinding whith the ohter components that i have installed and continue with the installation of sap neptune. 

Thank you.

(30 KB)
(25.1 KB)
(17 KB)

Thanks for your contribution, Stephan !  

Would you need a transport to install UXP 4 SP02 instead ?

Wishing you too a nice christmas time :)


Good morning Julian,

No, thanks ;-)

After cleanup the SWCVs, installation of UXP, UXP SP01 & UXP SP02 went fine.

All the best


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