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Extension issue - Script code repeat each line

Hi experts, I am facing for the second time the same issue : when dealing with an extension app in Designer, at some point (can't explain what trigger), each lines in script code is repeated... which leads to dump at runtime. The extension is from NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_DESKTOP. System is ECC6 with Neptune SP02, Internet Explorer is 10. I will try to reproduce this issue. Thanks, J.
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Hi There

The problem only occured when pressing the Load button more than one time. 

In SP03 we have a check to prevent double loading of data. You can replace this method and it will solve the issue.


*       text
*  -->  p1        text
*  <--  p2        text
form extension_load_base.

data: lv_app type /neptune/_app.

* Check App Type
  if gv_screen_application-app_type ne 'E'.
     message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with 'Application is not Extension'.

* Check Base App
  translate gv_screen_application-applid_base to upper case.

* Empty ?
  if gv_screen_application-applid_base is initial.
     message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with 'Please enter the Base Application'.

  select single *
         from /neptune/_app
         into lv_app
         where applid   eq gv_screen_application-applid_base
           and app_type eq 'A'.

  if sy-subrc ne 0.
     message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with 'Application does not exist or wrong type'.

  if gv_screen_application-applid_base eq gv_screen_application-applid.
     message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with `Can't extend the same app`.

* Already Loaded ?
  read table data_work-it_content into data_work-wa_content index 1.

  if data_work-wa_content-applid eq gv_screen_application-applid_base.
     message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with `Only load base app one time`.

* Remove Top Dcument
  delete data_work-it_content where field_type eq 'HTML5 DOC'
                                and applid     eq data_work-application-applid.

* Init
  clear data_work.

* Get Data
  data_work-application = gv_screen_application.
  perform project_select_applid_base.

* Sorting
  sort data_work-it_content      by field_pos.
  sort data_work-it_table_fields by field_id field_pos.
  sort data_work-it_script       by field_id seqnr.
  sort data_work-it_html         by field_id seqnr.
  sort data_work-it_event_script by field_id event seqnr.
  sort data_work-it_manifest     by seqnr.
  sort data_work-it_css_desktop  by seqnr.

* Build Tree
  perform tree_create_hierarchy.

* Get Top Node
  read table it_content_key index 1.

  gv_screen_content-field_id = space.
  perform tree_node_double_click using it_content_key-node_key.

* Message after load
  message id 'DB' type 'S' number '000'
           with 'Base Application successfully loaded'.

endform.                    " EXTENSION_LOAD_BASE



Ole Andre 

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Hi Lauraire Jérémy,

we are facing the same issue. Could you share your solution or a link to the ticket.

Kind Regards,

Ticket open on this issue.
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