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SlideTile usage - googleapis error

Hi Neptune experts, I have successfully created à SlideTile type according to the documentation from SP03 but I get a failed http request on http://ajax.googleapis.com. The reason obviously comme from my company proxy... I would like to use an intern RSS solution but same error. Any solution? Thanks, Jeremy.

Bonjour Jérémy,

it all depends on what RSS info you want to consume.   If your company proxy does not allow connection to the RSS source, then we have a problem :)

Another option is to create your own feed.. with "Internal news"... does that sound good?

We keep exploring  ;)


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"Another option is to create your own feed.. with "Internal news"."

-> Yes, that's exactly what I want to achieve but I still have the proxy error due to a request to the googleapis. How can I avoid this when I call an internal RSS?



Hi Jérémy,

1 - Check out the following example:   https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored#appRSS

All of the magic happens in the Application Class dLrIcpzt9nUkEitnzxBvda9hOmxfrLLsNA.png

You should build an app that does almost the same, but fetching "your news". 

2 - In your NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MENU app, change the BuildSlideTile script   with the content of the attached file.


3 - Create a News Slide-tile, and set its content to the App created in step 1.


4 - Add the SlideTile created in step 3 to your Launchpad.

and you should be ready to go.  This approach consumes JSON directly from your server without using the rss googleapis.




Hi Julian,

I think to have a similar issue with proxy/firewall in my company, because I receive the following error message. 


In the meantime that my network/security team is checking I see this post.

I imported the custom APP in my sandbox EXP_SAMPLE_CREATE_RSS and modified accordingly NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MENU

What do you mean exactly in content field: "rss?callaback=?"

Thanks and regards

Hi Julian,

I think to have the same issue on my company.

When I try to set the RSS tile, I receive the following error:


In the meantime that network/security team verify my issue on proxy/firewall side, I sse this post with "internal RSS news"

I implemented the EXP_SAMPLE_CREATE_RSS APP and modified accordingly NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_MENU, but I do not understand in your guide, what do you mean when you set content field "rss?callback=?"

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Hi Luca,

Great that you are playing with this.  Do you get any error in the console / network tab ?  it will help to pin-point the issue.

The most important part of this example RSS app is the ABAP class.  Hope you have imported it too and modified it accordingly (method build_rss  has the main logic)

Regarding the "Content Field" for your Tile in NAM,  you have to enter the name of your app there.   In your case it is  EXP_SAMPLE_CREATE_RSS.

If anything is not clear enough, please let me know and we take a look into it, no problem.

Have a nice weekend, kind regards,


Hi Julian.

I have still some issues on the TILE configuration.

Please see document attached for more details.


Hi Luca,

Hope you are doing fine.    In the document you sent me, I see that for the Internal RSS Tile, you are setting the URL to Gartner's RSS news, and not to the Internal RSS App.


The intention behind the RSS app provided on this topic is to allow you to publish news internally in your organization, retrieving the internal news from a table in your server/landscape.  

The "Content" field for the SlideTile must point to the RSS App which resides on the same domain (and server) than your launchpad (typically in the gateway system).  This way, the CORS issue you had when trying to consume Gartner news will not happen.

My question is:   do you want to consume news from an internal source (a table for example)?    or you want to consume from an external RSS provider?  (like Gartner).

Kind regards,


Hi Julian,

I tried both solutions with same result.

By the way, let's focus to consume an External Resource (example Gartner)

What is wrong?


Hi Luca,

The solution described on this topic is only for consuming news from a source (internally) in your server.

For consuming RSS from an External source (like Gartner), you will need a "proxy"  which consumes the RSS source for you, gets rid of the CORS issue, and translates the RSS format into JSON so that it works in the SlideTile.  In SP02, this was being done by using Google Feed API, but Google has decided to deprecate it, so it does not work anymore since mid-December 2016.

For the upcoming SP03, we changed to RSS2JSON.com for solving this.    So, once SP03 is out, the SlideTile will work out of the box for external sources (as it did until December 14th).

Another alternative you have is to develop your own proxy logic so that it reads the RSS, parses it and creates the necessary JSON for the SlideTile.

Kind regards,



after installaing Neptune SP3, now RSS feed works out of the box.

See sample below.


Thanks for the update, Luca !!  Yes, it has been fixed for SP3  ;)

Have a nice weekend!

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