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Have you missed the Release 4.0 SP2? Wait no More and check this out!

Release Notes - 4.0 SP02 in a nutshell 

Check out the full description HERE

SP02 is available to Download Now>>

Updated UI5 to 1.38.9

Neptune Application Designer (NAD)

· App Extensions Framework

· Locking mechanism for stateless Apps

· New Format options in Input fields

· Neptune Themes Designer


Neptune Application Management (NAM)

· Tiles with start parameters & multiple tiles for the same App

· New PIN Code features

· Fingerprint Sign-on for iOs/Android mobile Apps

· RFC Destination Mapping

· URL Alias

· Update Tile Counter for URL tiles

· Function Module for Policies


Neptune Launchpads

· Slide Tile with RSS feed content

· Context-menu on Tiles

· Neptune Launchpad inside SAP-GUI



And more…

Check out the full description HERE

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