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Examples of apps communicating with each other


I am looking for an example of apps communicating with each other via the launchpad.

As I understand, I can pass params and call global functions and access data in another app.  I can't find the documentation on this.

I have app a and app b.

I want to display a list from app b in app a.

when I click on an item in app a, I want to navigate and display the item in app b.

I can't find the documentation on how to get the apps communicating from within the launchpad.

Could you provide me with some information and examples



Thanks again Juliian, got my example working.:)

Hi again Darren,

// APP B - gives list of users.
if (sap.n) { // detect if you are running UXP4 launchpad
    sap.n.Apps.App_B.getUsers = function(){ // declaring global function
return getUsers();

function getUsers(){
// your logic goes here
return usersList;
} -----------------------------------------------------------------
// APP A - retrieves list of users from APP B. // In App A, call the logic from App B: listUsers = sap.n.Apps.App_B.getUsers(); // Remember that App_B must be loaded in memory before App A calls the function. // How to load apps via JS: https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored#doc00163EDC99661EE681FB2D0EC66D40DC

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