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AJAX ID customizing table

Dear all,

while discussing with customers and prospects there is one feature missing which causes a lot of errors during app creation: 

because AJAX-IDs are free text there is no option to choose them during assigning on objects. registering my own used AJAX-IDs with method names in some kind of customizing table it may possible to select the correct AJAX-Id on object-binding and i have no errors because of miswriting the AJAX-IDs name. (and it could be used in the AJAX-handler method also with generic coding). 

If i dont register any AJX-Ids the developer feels free to do all by its own - but i assume that this customizing table would be very helpful.

best regards


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Building upon this idea:

AJAX_IDs are meant to connect an action in the app to an action in the application class. Whatever Ajax ID you define, the application class has to be able to react to correctly.

Therefore having the "definition" of valid Ajax IDs would fit best in the application class. Statically defining something there, and the Designer can then offer this list to the app developer.

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