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Is it possible to save the Filters applied on the App?


Is it possible to save the filters as favorites?

What i mean is that we have a PR creation app and we have given an option to filter the content of the PR's that the user can see on the Master view. 

For example if the user wants to see only Approved PR's or Filter by Status or Filter by price. They choose the filter option and then select the appropriate filter. 

What we need is that we want to save the filters that the user has applied so that next time they come in the app, the filters are already applied. Is there something standard in Neptune or does this need to be coded in each app?

Hi Vijayendra, 

you can use the TablePersonalization  to "remember" the last chosen settings for table.

If you want to save as favorites then you will have to code it.

You can check out the 3 examples at:  https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#sap.m.TablePersoDialog

you are welcome, kind regards,


Thanks Julian for quick response. Can I combine the filter settings with Table Personalization? I see the examples have table personalization which remembers the settings exactly what we are looking for but the examples are for tables and cant see these settings on the filter( options box or the Grouping box ) dialog box where you can sort and change how you want to filter?



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