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Limit of Neptune Versus ABAP

Hi dudes,

I've a general request. 

What are the limits of Neptune development?

For example  I just found that elementary search help is not available and we must use collective search help or workaround.

I've feeling that Neptune can't give so much freedom to ABAP developers and there's a need of a Web Designer Expert.

I can't event understand how code is translated in mobile comunication. 

Does a transaction execute on the application server or at mobile level? Is there a scheme of this architecture?

I mean: how much data is going to be transferred?

I would like to have a detailed view of which are those minus.

Thanks for your support

Hi Roberto

Neptune UX Platform offers an IDE (Neptune Application Designer) that reduces the need of javascript by 90-95% compared to other tools in the market. The biggest transition for a normal ABAP developer is to learn a bit how UI5 components are used. Please checkout Neptune Explored and see a lot of demo examples on how to create UI5 apps with Neptune - and a great place to start reading up on our Platform. 

If you have the time, we would be happy to have a quick getting started session and point you in the right direction for your UI5 development.


Ole Andre Haugen

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Hi Ole,

I would be glad to have a quick started session but at the moment I don't have a system with access to make my tests.

Is there a free demo solution with remote access?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Roberto

Let's schedule a session next week. Please send me an eMail on: ole-andre.haugen@neptune-software.com and we can make the arrangement.

We can also provide you with a demo system so you can play around with Neptune UX Platform.


Ole Andre 

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