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Mock data generator

It would be nice to have a mock data generator (something that WEB IDE has) for designing the screens quickly without implementing the ABAP code and to show to the customer if they like the design before the app is fully developed.

Or to  even split the front end development from the backend development and allow two developers to work on the app at the same time

Hi Radek

We have investigating and discussed if we should create a mock data generator. So far the feedback from developers is that the generation of dummy data from SAP is so fast, that there is no need. We will bring this topic into further discussion.

Today it is possible to work both on the backend (ABAP) and frontend at the same time. Both on a normal system setup and in the frontend/backend split setup. 


Ole Andre 

Hi Radek,

Thaks for your request.

You can currently use NAD to quickly design the screens without implementing the ABAP part.  (You can check out the SplitApp code snippet for example, to create a split app mock up in a few minutes).

Front-end development is done in NAD and backend development in done in the ABAP Class (SE24/SE80).   Those two can be in different systems and connected via RFC.

Am I missing anything ?

Thanks again, kind regards,


Ole-Andre - can you elaborate more about the fast generation of dummy data in SAP? Give an example what approach the developers are taking.

Julian - Yes it is technically possible to split the two I understand that. But you can't develop the front end separately without having some mock data to play with. 

I think that the mock data generator in Web IDE is a nice feature where you can generate JSON data for each entity based on the metadata.xml and then edit the data to your liking.

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