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Call Methods of another App

Hello everybody!

I have three apps. A and B and C.

App A and B holds some data, which are not synchronized with the backend. App C should be used as the central synchronization point for the user. So, I want to call the ajax sync Methods of App A and B in App C. 

App A and B are loaded and running in background. How can I execute now the ajax sync methods?

I already tried it with

 AppCache.Load('APP_A',{                                                  load:'getOnlineAjaxSync'})

But it seems, that the only Methods which are working here are 'init' or download.

Best regards,


Hi Fabian

We already have a solution for this, but I see that we have not documented how this approach should be. Our solution is based on a Global Sync App, that other Apps subscribe back to the Sync App and you can actually trigger the sync en each of the subscribers. 

If you like we can setup a websession and I can show how we achieved it. Will that work for you ?


Ole Andre 

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Hi Ole Andre!

That would be just perfect! At the beginning of next week?



Hi Fabian

That would be perfect. 

Please email me on: and we can find the best time for the session.


Ole Andre 

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