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Neptune Upgrade App


Would it be possible to develop an an upgrade app that can scan all Neptune apps on a customers instance and highlight to the user where there are conflicts in the current code with the new framework enhancements.

Take for example when you went from ux3 to ux4 and app.to("string") changed to app.to(object);  Instead of looking through documentation to find out each change the upgrade admin could run an app.

This would be extremely useful and would be a really good fit now that you have implemented and extension model. 

CRM has a tool for the Webui called the Compare Runtime Repositories, transaction WCF_RT_COMP.  We use this tool after each CRM version Upgrade.



(98.9 KB)

Hi Darren,

thanks for the great request. As always we will take this into consideration for our next releases.

Meanwhile, have you checked out our Neptune 'Extended Check' Core Template App yet?


Best regards


Hi Christoph, no I haven't seen the extended check.  I will implement it now and give it a go..


Hi Darren,  as Christoph wrote, the Extended Check App does all the checks for you.

If you would like to add a new check, please let me know and I will be happy to do it.

I wish you both a nice weekend, kind regards,


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