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API_PARAMETER_SET / GET pass optional user name

I have looked at this old discussion on how to pass parameters from one application to another : http://support.neptune-software.com/support/discussions/topics/4000319650

For me I would prefer to use API_PARAMETER_SET / GET. But the problem is that we are using a generic user to log into our SAP system (ALE user), and the user used in the SET/GET method is SY-UNAME.

Please add the UNAME as an importing parameter to this 2 methods, and only user SY-UNAME if this importing parameter is blank.

Otherwise I will have to call cl_bsp_server_side_cookie=>get_server_cookie directly

Hi Kim

If you would like to pass data between applications, and using Neptune Launchpad, you can also pass them in memory on the client side, so no need to get data from SAP. 

How is your scenario of sharing data between apps ? 


Ole Andre

For the first couple of app's made for Denmark we have made a menu/launch app with 2 tile's that is calling 2 different Neptune app's - no problem- no data sharing.

But we have now move forward to Sweden. Again we need a menu app, this time with 3 different tile's. But there is so little different in the 3 new Neptune App's that I have decided only to make on. But I need a parameter send to the App telling if it was the SEG, SEK or SEL tile that the user pressed, so that our "killer app" can start in the correct mode ;-.) Reading all master data from the backend, and presenting the right values on the screen in dropdown boxes depends on the tile they have pressed. Therefor this one value is more needed in the backend - not so much in the frontend, because all data are read in the backend.

Therefore API_PARAMETER_GET / SET could be the solution, but in the backend SY-UNAME = ALELAND for all active users of this neptune app, and therefore my guess is that the value of this single parameter will get mix up by all users. Unless I could send my own UNAME (logon name) to the SET/GET method.


Hi Kim

In Neptune UX Platform SP02, we introduced StartParameters on the Tile from NAM. So you can use one Neptune App, and launch it in different settings. Maybe that will solve your problem ?



Ole Andre 

First we need to perform the upgrade. I will have to talk to Thomas regarding this, because we are not using the Launch pad

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