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sap.ui.table auto height rows


I´m pretty new in SAPUI5, so please be patient with my beginners questions. ;-)

I have a Neptune App with a sap.ui.table which has always 5 columns and 10 rows.

As the App should run on different screen sizes (21" monitor as well as 55" LED TV), I want the table to resize itself over the whole screen height and width.

Any ideas how to handle this with Neptune?

With thanks,


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Hi Veit,

Welcome to planet Neptune !  like no place on Earth :)

UI5 Components are responsive which means that their look and feel adapts itself automatically to the screen size.

In the case of sap.ui.Table, you will find the "autoResizable", "flexible" and "resizable" properties to allow/restrict resizing of its columns (https://openui5.hana.ondemand.com/docs/api/symbols/sap.ui.table.Column.html).

I would like to recommend you to use a sap.m.table, and show/hide some columns according to the screen size.

In each column, you will find the minScreenWidth property which sets the minimum width of the screen to show or hide the column.



Have a nice weekend, kind regards,


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