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Neptune Client access to different SAP systems

We evaluate Neptune at the moment and installed it on two different SAP systems ( with the same SAP installation number )

Publishing from system1 worked fine, we cann access our apps via Neptune Client on iPad.  Publishing from system2 does not work, neptune client does not find any app.

is it possible to access Apps on different SAP systems ?

Hi Bernd,

Welcome to Neptune forums.

It is possible to access apps in different systems.  

I noticed that your launchpad BKITL1 (from system2 I guess) has a  '/neptune'  at the end of the logon URL.  Were you able to logon ?

Also, would you mind following the following steps, please ?

1 - Remove the /neptune from  https://<your_server>/neptune 


2 - Republish your Launchpad   image

3 - Refresh your server list in the Neptune client  (you will get a new email with a pin-code).

4 - Try to access your client now.

Please let us know how it went.

Have a nice day, kind regards,


Hi Julian

BKITL1 works like a charm, we have no problems with it.

The problem is another Launchpad named TECCMD that does not work.
It is published from another system.  However, if we try to get it via Neptune Client, we have only the BKITL1 into the list.   Can you see if a TECCMD launchpad is known in your repository ?

regards Bernd


.... now I see both launchpads.  There was a problem with the security profiles.
btw .. your docu states that the /neptune subnode MUST be set in the NAM ( so https:\\abc.xx.de\neptune ) should be correct in the authorization tab.

However, while the first of my Launchpads throws a  "app not found or no policy", the other Launchpad hangs completely after PIN entry.  Restarting Neptune client and resetting the PIN is necessary.

Also, I always have to login with SAP credentials and reset the PIN code, each time I start my launchpads. Absence of logs / tracing in the client is somewhat annoying. It's a kind of a trial & error game ...

regards Bernd


Hi Bernd,

Both BKITL1  and TECCMD  launchpads were published and reached our end.

If you could please let me know where in the documentation  (Neptune Explored I assume) you found that "/neptune must be set in NAM", I would be really grateful and of course I will correct it immediately.

Now, despite of what you read in the documentation, please remove the /neptune  from both Server-URLs (as shown in the pic below).

Otherwise, it will not work as expected.


As I wrote in my previous message, you will need to re-publish from NAM and re-update your server list in the Neptune Mobile Client.

Please let me know how it goes and feel free to ask any questions.

Kind regards,


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