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Is it possible to edit a photo before uploading into GOS/SAP


In apps which give the user an option to take a photo. Is it possible to edit the photo? For example: Draw a line or highlight something on the image? before its uploaded or attached in GOS? 

You are welcome, Vijay. :)

Thats Brilliant. Many Thanks Julian. Appreciate your help. 

Hi Vijay,

My bad !!   I have been playing a bit and the answer is YES, it is possible.    Your phone/tablet will ask you to use an external app to edit the picture before saving it.

Here is the trick:


Please check out the example I created for you in Neptune Explored:


My apologies for giving you the wrong answer before :)

Kind regards,


Ok. Thanks Julian for confirming. 

Hi Vijayendra,

No, it is not possible to edit the photo before uploading it.

Kind regards,


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