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Is it possible to edit a photo before uploading into GOS/SAP


In apps which give the user an option to take a photo. Is it possible to edit the photo? For example: Draw a line or highlight something on the image? before its uploaded or attached in GOS? 

Hi Vijayendra,

No, it is not possible to edit the photo before uploading it.

Kind regards,


Ok. Thanks Julian for confirming. 

Hi Vijay,

My bad !!   I have been playing a bit and the answer is YES, it is possible.    Your phone/tablet will ask you to use an external app to edit the picture before saving it.

Here is the trick:


Please check out the example I created for you in Neptune Explored:


My apologies for giving you the wrong answer before :)

Kind regards,


Thats Brilliant. Many Thanks Julian. Appreciate your help. 

You are welcome, Vijay. :)

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