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ModelData.Find callback function


it would be nice, if the callback of  the ModelData.find function would get the result of "Find" handed over as an input parameter. 

Instead of   

var data = ModelData.Find(obj, "keyField", "keyValue", "operator", callBack);

  It would be nice to get this:

var data = ModelData.Find(obj, "keyField", "keyValue", "operator", callBack(data));

Best regards,


Hi Fabian Mayerhofer,

thanks for your interesting request.

It has been added to our development queue and will be taken into consideration for our next Support Package.

Best regards

Christoph Garms

Hi Fabian

Thank you for the feedback and your great suggestion. The solution is now implemented and ready for SP03.

If you want to implement it into your system, attached you find the new script you can replace in SE80 - Mime repository /neptune/server/js - use rightclick on the two files, and Upload and Replace. 


Ole Andre 

(3.62 KB)

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