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Hi everyone,
i've to filter my itab EBAN by the release code (I'm trying to massively approve the purchase requests). 
The customer can choose the release code (in me55 --> t161f-frgab).
it seems that the two tables eban and t161f do not have any common field.
how can i solve this problem ?

Best regards,

Mattia Maggi

Hi Mattia

I guess this is an ABAP question on how to do the select ? Do you have any existing code I can use as reference ? 

Since there is no direct link, you can try this approach.


* Get open PR
  select banfn bnfpo ernam ekgrp erdat txz01 matnr menge meins preis peinh waers
         from eban
         into corresponding fields of table it_release
         where frgrl eq 'X'
           and loekz eq space
           and banpr eq '03'.


Then loop at each entry in it_release and use BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO to get PR release strategy and filter the one you do not want to display.

Have you seen our Purchase Requisition Approval App from Neptune AppStore ?


Ole Andre 

Hi Ole Andre,

 i'll explain better: i've to bring the ME55 transaction on neptune (i've already seen the PR approval app and i'm using it as base for my application, but it approves only one PR per time).

In ME55 mandatory parameter is the "release code" (t161f-frgab) and i must have the possibility to filter EBAN by this field. 

how can i join the eban and the t161f tables considering that they have no common fields ?

is there already an application that brings in mobility the ME55 ?

Thank you for your help,

best regards,


Hi Mattia

Since there is no join between those fields (as I have found), you need to use a different way.

You need to loop at every entry in the table you are presenting and find the release code FRGAB + Release Strategy/Code by calling BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO.

Modify the table row with the new data so you can filter it on the device.


Ole Andre 

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