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Welcome to the Cafeteria

Hello !

Last Friday, while having a beer at "office 2", we realized that we needed some place to have informal conversation and of course it would be great to know more about all of you.

So here we are...  welcome everyone to the Neptune Cafeteria.

About me:  I am a 10+ years experience ABAP developer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but living in Oslo, Norway.  Joined the Neptune family in 2015.

Is it cold in Norway ?   oh yes, we have a long winter with lots of snow.  The cool part is that you can take the metro and be in the skiing slopes in just 30 minutes.

From the last metro-stop, which is at the top of the mountain...

while not_tired.

 you take a sled (or skiing) and go down hill ...

 take the metro to the top again.   


Check out some cool videos and more info:  http://www.visitoslo.com/en/your-oslo/winter/tobogganing/

Please feel free to start any kind of topics in this section and once again.. Welcome !!!!



Wait -- What? You can take the metro to the top of the mountain sled down and use the metro again to get back up? 

How far from the office is that? Don't tell me 30 minutes. 

Next Neptune Summit should be at a date when there is still enough snow to enjoy it. How cool would it be for every participant go sledding in the evening. :-) 

Very cool, Mark. 

Metro is only a 5 min walk from our Oslo Office... but hey Mark we can go surfing here in the Bay Area!

I am very intrigued. So 5 minute walk to the metro. How long is it then to get to the end of the station aka the top of the hill? If it is under 30 minutes it is very cool. 

Yes Njål, you can go surfing in the Bay Area, but when were you doing that the last time? 

One advantage of the houseboat is, that I can throw the kayak on the bay and visit my little buddies every so often :-) 


Nice idea, Mark !  A white Summit  :)   or a summit in the Bay Area :)

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