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App in Launchpad needs to access global events

We want to access global elements and events from an app running in the Launchpad. In particular, we want to capture the document.resize event in the app and react to it, along the lines of

window.addEventListener('resize', function(){}, true)

This article describes how to reach local (app) objects from the global level, but we're trying to do the opposite.

This one about two apps communicating may also be helpful, but doesn't quite make it.


The global elements are indeed global, and we can reach them from the local app. The reason our first solution didn't work was that we had placed the script into the app Header. Apparently the app header is never called, when the app is started via the Launchpad - tested this by placing an alert at the top of the header.

The script works fine when we linked it to the ajaxSuccess event of one of the app objects.

Thanks for the update, Arto.  Your analysis is correct.

Kind regards,


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