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enhancement of function module policy check in NAM

Dear all, 

it would be helpful, if the function module policy check in NAM would have some optional importing parameters regarding app-informations (app-name) instead of only the export parameter approved = 1.

actual i dont know during policy check for what app (context) i check the access - or i have to create a own fm for each app.with the app name as importing parameter i only need 1 fm for all checks for all apps (in best case).

br ralf

Hi Ralf

Great feedback, thank you.

We implemented it for SP03. We added the Application Name + Launchpad Name. Any other information that you think is needed ? 




Dear Ole.

thank you - great feature. actual i dont have any suggestions for more parameters, but i want to give you the hint to have a look on the other 2 suggestions in feature requests: LogonPad enhancement with (choosable) Logon-language and showing systemname to what logonPad connects. br ralf

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