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Reset Password url not showing up in the Launchpad?


I have entered a url for the password Reset option in our launchpad configuration under the Authentication section but we don't see the url on the launchpad. Is there any additional steps I am missing? 

I understand that the url will be a custom functionality but i dont see the option in the Launchpad enabled. We are on Neptune 4.0 and SP002. 



Hi Vijay

The reset password URL is for the Mobile Launchpad only. Is that what you are using ? 

For the Desktop part using /webapp/ url, we can't fetch this content, since you are not logged on SAP. If you need this functionality for your Desktop Launchpad, you can also create a custom login handler with this information. 


Ole Andre 

Thanks Ole Andre. Yes we are looking for the webapp. Please could you provide more details on the custom login handler you are referring to? Is there any documentation you can point us to?


Hi Vijay

Sure, here is the documentation on how to create a custom logon handler:



Ole Andre 

Perfect ! Many Thanks Ole Andre. Appreciate your help and quick response as always. This indeed helps. 


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