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Create custom elements in NAD


I would like to know whether it's possible to create custom items in NAD.

I know I can add a custom string attribute to an element but I would like to make bigger changes and I would like to reuse them.

sapui5 allows me to extend an already existing element as described in this tutorial:


Can I use this for my neptune apps? And if yes, how?

Thanks for your help

Best regards

Hi Tobias,

NAD is using SAPUI5, so you can extend any component into your own following the guideline from SAP:




Now if you want to add new custom components to the Library (left side in NAD), that is a much more complex process. I recommend you to keep your custom component implementation in a Script Code block, so that you easily can copy and paste it between your apps.   image

Have a nice weekend,


Hi Julian,

thanks for your answer!

I will try that.

Have a nice day,


You are welcome, Tobias!
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