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Cache for Offline data - how it is stored and handled ?

FAQ:  If the device running Neptune app is shared by many users in offline mode, how the data is cached?  Is it stored by user or global cache for all users?

Neptune Explored is your best friend !    Have you already checked this article?  https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored#doc00163EDC99661ED4B4C34B6CE4E56F06
Setting in each offline model can be set so that: 
  • Offline data can be user based, or shared between many users.
  • Offline data can also be app based, or shared between many apps.
  • Offline data can be encrypted or not.


If global cache is used, how the data belongs to a particular user is identified and synced back to SAP database.

Setting an offline model to  image   means that any other user will also be able to read it.

Neptune Explored - Samples, Videos & Documentation www.neptune-software.com/explored
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