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Neptune Client - VPN


I installed the Neptune Client on an Ipad. When i was in company network, i could login to the SAP system and access the apps with no issues. Now that i'm out of office, i tried to login under VPN connection. It doesn't connect to the back end system anymore. It says "No Connection".

Does Neptune Client App not work in VPN connection?

Also, i noticed that the Setting in the Neptune Client App is always gray'd out. Is this normal? or Am i doing something wrong?

Please Advise!

Best Regards.

I had the same problem and same "No connection" error.

I used the IP and port on the NAM settings instead of link and it worked well.

Try to do this.

Thanks Andrea.

I couldn't locate the IP and Port in the NAM settings. Can you please let me know where that is?

Currently, i've set the Server URL and client under Authentication -> Connection tab

Sorry Andrea....I figured that out, but i'm still getting the "No Connection" error. Let me try to play around with that and see if i can make it to work.

Thank you for your help!

This is how I configured it:


This is how I configured the VPN settings on mobile phone/tablet:


I hope this will help you!

Thank you so much! I'll try this out

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