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Webinar Q&A - SP03 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone

thanks for all the great questions during our sneak peek webinar on Support Package 03. Here are our answers, enjoy.

Q: What is the currently planned release date for S?03? The roadmap on Neptune Explored still states end of Q1 2017 which has passed already. Thanks.

SP03 will be released on April 28th.

Q: Is it possible to access function modules or other programs from web class builder?

In the first version of the Neptune Class Builder it will not be possible to access/change function modules. Our new web tools will constantly evolve and being upgraded via Neptune Application Store and we will certainly look into enhancing the Class Builder in the aforementioned way.

Q: Nice presentation, guys. I really enjoy it. Are any documentations about new features (web editor, class builder) already available? In Neptune Explored area?

Right now you will find a series of videos on our YouTube channel. In depth documentation on Explored will be provided with the beta release of Web Designer and Class Builder. Youtube.com/NeptuneSoftware

Q: Down to which Releases/SP`s will SP3 run without the need to do major changees/adds to the app?

SP03 is fully backwards compatible with all UXP 4.0 versions.

Q: The side panel works the same way for mobile apps?

For now the side panel is a pure web/desktop functionality as we do not see a proper usage on tablets due to the decreased screen sizes.

Q: Do we maintain OData service in Class?

The oData services are maintained with standard oData tools.

Q: Also where do you maintain the method to call oData service?

Just as you call your ABAP methods today by using getOnline…() functions the Neptune JS framework will provide a new getOData...() function to call the oData service.

Q: Are function imports supported for the oData as well - or does it is restricted to entity types and entity sets?

Yes, functions are supported as well. There will be a code snippet available in the Neptune JS editor that helps you get started.

Q: The URL for IDES environment show for me only 104 apps, I saw in your environment more than 130 apps. Why is this happening? Can I access the whole 130 apps?

The Launchpad you saw during the webinar is an internal one which we use for development and testing. Therefore some of the additional apps are for internal use only. You will find the full repository of available Neptune apps (currently 124) on the Neptune Application Store on your system and here: http://ides.neptune-software.com/neptune/neptune/appstore_demo.html

Q: When is Neptune SP3 going to be published?

SP03 will be released on April 28th.

Q: Can I update UI5 Library by myself?

Yes you can. Using transaction /NEPTUNE/SETTINGS in Global Settings you can add a custom UI5 library.

Q: Neptune is a SAP centric system, the roadmap is to keep in this way for future or to be more open for general development environment?

For the foreseeable future we are a SAP centric product and company. Our focus is the SAP customer that wants to deliver the Fiori experience with not only SAP data. Thanks to the brandnew Neptune oData Support developers are able to access data from any third-party system that offers oData interfaces.

Q: Will the Neptune Web Designer and Class Builder be part of the SP03 release?

The brandnew Web Designer and Class Builder are UI5-based apps that will be released and upgraded independently from support package updates via Neptune Application Store. Beta versions of both apps will be available soon after the SP03 release. We will constantly enhance and improve those apps to guarantee all developers the best user experience possible developing Fiori applications.

Thanks for all the questions and feedback. We encourage you to engage in all Neptune conversations to make our product even greater - we love all your feedback!

Attached you will find the slides from the webinar. And remember to sign up for the Neptune Summit 2017 in Oslo - meet partners, customers and the Neptune team live! neptune-software.com/Summit2017


Helder & Christoph


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