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Data not coming ti app

Dear Developers ,

I have an offline app for that i'm not getting data to my application neptune genarated code for that is   

var MesuringPoint = new sap.m.SelectDialog("MesuringPoint",{
                contentHeight: "250px",
                title: "Mesuring Point",
                visible: true
            var modelMesuringPoint = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();
            var itemMesuringPoint = new sap.m.ObjectListItem("itemMesuringPoint",{
                intro: "{MEAS_POINT}",
                numberTextDirection: "Inherit",
                title: "{PSORT}",
                visible: true
            MesuringPoint.bindAggregation("items", "/", itemMesuringPoint);

 above is the Select Dialog declaration , Setting Model and binding data

then i have created a button and when i press on it this dialog has to open for that code is


var butMpnt = new sap.m.Button("butMpnt",{
                enabled: true,
                icon: "/neptune/public/images/custom images/mpnt1.png",
                iconDensityAware: true,
                iconFirst: true,
                textDirection: "Inherit",
                visible: true,
                press: function(oEvent) {
                    debugger ;

 data is coming to abap zclass at SE24 but not coming to my app.

I have checked in debugger for data which is comming properly to my internal table 

please help me to do it

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