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Neptune UXP 4.0 SP03 Released

Finally, it is here!   Release Notes:  https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#Documentation-Display&%7B%22object%22%3A%22c00163EDC99661ED788F2D62536B98A97%22%7D


Jérémy Lauraire - CSS Mime in Extensions

Johann Lahitte - CSS & Testing

Robert Bitschnau - API_MESSAGE_CREATE fallback

Sudhir Grover - stateless locking improvement

Sinoxolo Dayile - increased loading timeout in config.xml

Enrique Gonzalez - modifying ajax_id models in extension app

Fabian Mayerhofer - sap.n.getObjectbyId + ModelData Callback

Nicolay Wildhagen - cool CSS magic

Olek Domalewski - styleClass attribute, multiLabels on tables

Patrick Lau - non-printable chars in JSON

Tim Lutz - dialog size setting in NAM, Tile export

Michael Brauns - new Mobile Report in Monitor

Stefanie Isbaner - sort/search in Export Resources

Ralf Kempen - data Element Binding, possible to select length, Policy FM and more!

Steve Campbell - return $.ajax in getOnline..()

Andreas Wolf - waterfall chart and testing

Dieter Fischer - custom attributes in Extensions

Andrea Kregar - Win10 client tests

Simen Larsen-Frivoll - oData

Jurijs Pasedko - many nice improvements

Pierre Eric Bouchez - Search help inside dialog app

Robert Eijpe - oData implementation review

Arjan Aalbers - oData implementation review

Leon Boeijen - oData implementation review

Looking forward to meeting many of you at the Neptune UX Summit, June 1st.   Did you register ?