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Changing the status of an Object List item

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to change the state and text on a particular Object List Item in a list. When a tick box is checked the object list item needs to have the text "success" and the state changed to success also.

However I can't seem to get the state or text to change even when using the console.

Is there something I'm missing?

For example if I run this command in the console oObjectListItem.setState('Success'); nothing happens on the page but when I run oObjectListItem.getState(); it has changed to 'Success'?



Hi Brandon,

You should apply the setState method on each item of your list.

For instance :

var itemsList = yourList.getItems();

for (i = 0; i < itemsList.length; i++) {



Best regards.


Hi Brandon

the article on 'Conditional Formatting' in Neptune Explored will also help you solve your question.




Hi Guys,

Thanks for the guidance. I've managed to change the state but I still can't see the effect on the web page. Do I need to refresh something or reload the object in some way? I call a method like .getState and the value has changed but I can;t see it on the object itself? e.g. the object list item state has not changed to green.



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