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Date formatting after user inputs


We have a date picker UI element in our app. Which works perfectly fine when the user selects the drop down calendar to pick up a date. However if they enter date manually then it always takes US date format. 

For example when user types in today's date 12/05/2017 it automatically converts it into US date format and displays the date as Dec 5, 17.

I have set all format option to date:SAPuserdefaults and we want it to automatically take into account user's SAP default. But it always changes back to US date format. 

Any pointers on how to achieve this? I have tried with DateInput field instead of Date picker UI element and its the same issue again. 

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Hi Vijay,

Thomas has already replied to you, but just wanted to share the answer with all the community.    These two commands will do the trick:



Example App:  https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored_webide?applid=EXP_SAMPLE_DATE_PICKER

Have a nice weekend, kind regards,


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