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Tiles based on backend authorization roles

We use the frontend/backend split setup. The frontend server is used for the frontend development and to group apps from various backend systems.

As our apps are tied to a backend system (using field RFC destination), we would also like the Tile authorization to be based on backend authorization roles.


-We can reuse the existing authorization model in the backend system and do not need to build a separate one in the frontend server.

-Authorization checks in the Neptune backend class are also handled by authorization checks in the backend. This way we could bundle all authorizations for an App into one single authorization role.

Therefore we would like to have an option to add backend authorization roles to a policy.

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Hi Oliver

This will clearly be a useful feature, and comparing implementation time on our end, with the time needed to replicate all roles and user assignment in Customer systems, this is definitely something we will be looking into.

Kind regards,


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