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Using external Javascript-Libraries files possible?

Hello Community,

i'm new to Neptune and i'm evaluating it for use in our company.

My question is, if it is possible to use external Javascript-Libraries. In some cases it may be neccessary to use an external open source Javascript Library and want to know how this can be achieved. Didn't found it with search function.

kind regards


Hello Matthias,

welcome to Planet Neptune.  It is very nice to have you here.

It is possible to use any external javascript libraries.

Neptune Application Designer  (transaction /NEPTUNE/DESIGNER)   is an HTML5  editor.   You can include libraries in the <HEADER> section of your apps:


Have a nice weekend, kind regards,


Hallo Julian, That Sounds very good and meets my requirements. Kind regards Matthias

Great!  any question you know where to find us  ;)   

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