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signature pad with Image in background (aka redlining)

Hello Community, my first question was answered very positive, so i have another question in my effort to evaluate neptune. One of our future requirements will be to have an (Product)-Image loaded from Content Server. Our On Site Service then should be able to mark parts on that Image which are damaged in case of a problem. I saw that neptune ships with a signature pad which is great for signatures. But could it also be used with an underlaying image? So that image together with the sign can be saved as new Image? We know this as redlining. I hope i could make myself clear  Kind regards and nice weekend Matthias

Hi Matthias Annotation tool is the solution you are looking for. Have a check at this video showing how to add markers on a image. In this example of the ui5 screen. https://youtu.be/KQYnXfnyY3Q Regards Ole Andre

Hi Ole-André,

thanks for this great hint.

Looks that this could be a solution for what i'm looking for. 

Where can i find that tool? 



Hi Mathias,

From my point of view this library seems really powerful  https://annotorious.github.io/getting-started.html  and let's you use jQuery (which is loaded within UI5)

Google and stack-overflow for sure will offer you other alternatives.

Good luck on the project and enjoy!


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