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Logon application - SSO base on certificate

Dear all,

currently we use the bundle application (incl. standard logon application) for authentication on SAP Enterprise Portal. The Portal is connected to ERP via SSO.

The problem is, that our user have to change their Portal passwords regularly and they often don't remember them.

It would be great to have the logon application being able to logon via SSO (i.e. SAML2) to the SAP Enterprise Portal based on logon information provided via certificate on the mobile device for example.

The main goal is to avoid username/password authentication and password change completely on mobiles.

Rollout of certificates on the devices can easily be done via MDM.

Kind regards,

Armin Hofius 

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Hi Armin

So far, we have not been able to make it work in the mobile app, but of course, we are eager to find a solution for it.

What MDM are you currently using?   

If you want, we could have a meeting next week where you can show us how the certificates are being distributed to the mobile devices and we discuss the possibilities.  Just let us know your availability and we will schedule a goto-meeting session accordingly.

Thanks and kind regards,


We would love to use client certificates for authentication at the SAP backend as well.

Hi Julian,

it would be great to get in touch regarding this feature request. I would be available next week on tuesday (6.6.2017) or wednesday afternoon (7.6.2017).

You can contact me directly via mail (armin.hofius(at)siegenia.com) and tell me if the given time slots are suitable.

Kind regards


Hi Armin,

sounds good.  Let's meet on Wednesday June 7th at 14:00 CET.   Goto-meeting details below.

Dear Oliver, you are also welcome to join.

If the proposed time is not suitable for you, please open a support ticket.  The forums are being closed and only kept in read-only mode.   We invite everyone to join the new  Neptune Community at   https://community.neptune-software.com

Certificate Logon Mobile 
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