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Fix for Search Help UXP 4.0 SP03

If you experience unexpected behaviour of the ValueHelpField component, this is a guide to fix it. 

An example is that only the first column of the result list is displayed.

Here are the necessary changes:

Pre-check:   NEPTUNE package should be set as modifiable in SAP transaction SE06.

1 - Import the attached (ZIP file) App  /NEPTUNE/F4_SEARCH_HELP   by using NAD.   (transaction /NEPTUNE/DESIGNER).



2 -  changes in Class  /NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER    (transaction SE24) in 3 methods:

2.1 - Method UI5_VALUEHELP_AJAX_INIT  - 1 line changed.




2.2 - Method  UI5_VALUEHELP_AJAX_RESULT.  (The source code of the whole method is included in the attached TXT file for copy & paste.)  


2.3 - Method UI5_VALUEHELP_AJAX_RUN     3 lines changed.


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