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Allowed calling all methods in free text format

To bind other models (like OData) then Neptune AJAX to the properties of an SAPUI5 object I need all methods (also inherits from parent objects) to set the all property and set them in free text format.

For Example:

sap.m.List I want to bound my items with the method bindItems which is not available and to set the mode (available, but not free text. I can only choose from the list)

Hi Robert

I will look more into this topic. The SAP ALV List is not happy to combine value list and free text, actualle not possible. But maybe we can have a function that disables all value list, so you can turn it on/off. 

Number of Tiles displayed in a container

How can I get the number of Tiles created to a Toolbar Label, with a Table it works fine and since I am posting anayway why are the tiles not further up.


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