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SAPUI5 AppCache


In next support package we will introduce a new feature called AppCache. For the Mobile development of SAPUI5.

The AppCache will provide a solution for SAPUI5 Applications:

  • Install AppCache as an Mobile App. 
  • No need to install Neptune Applications the AppCache points to.
  • No need to upgrade the Neptune Applications when new releases exists. AppCache will check the server for updates and automatically download the new Application and store it in cache. Next time the Application will run from the cache.
  • Possible to run many (hundreds) of Neptune Applications from the AppCache, and not slowing down the Mobile App.
  • Better Logon process, with included Passcode solution for more easy logon to SAP
  • Change User/Logout functionality
  • Setup the AppCache as you would like it. Even texts can be customized
  • Encrypted data with AES256

more info...

The new AppCache feature is an excellent improvement to the NAD development platform for SAPUI5 applications, enabling the developer to greatly increase customer value in terms of update deployment and user experience.

Outstanding work! Looking forward to the next support package.

Great to here.

What is the time schedule for the next package?

When are Release Candidates and Final Version planned for shipping?

SAP is releasing SAPUI5 1.18 in January 27. Next release of Neptune Application Designer (2.20), will be at the latest on February 7. We now include the OpenUI5 libraries in our installation.

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