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Where to place data-sap-ui parameters?

I want to place following parameter into the UI5 script tag:


How can I add this parameter in the Neptune App in the Application Designer?

On second thought, does Neptune support the complex binding syntax at all?

Are there any examples on how to use Formatter functions for example?

The binding syntax is an important part of our server and how to "connect" to the Public Attributes in the Application Class, so not possible to change it, unless you specify Custom library and declare the Bootstrapping section manually.

But, in the next release we introduce the Formatter possibility. With a lot of premade Formatting options, but also possible to create your own, like the script editor for Events. This will be a very strong and needed functionality. Using conversion exit for the data will change the data sent from SAP, but using Formatters will only change the displayed value.

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Exactly what I need :)

And February 7 is not that far away, looking forward to this release.

Thanks for the answer!