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NAD 2.20 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the Neptune Application Designer 2.20 version. 

The 2.20 version gives new added value to the developer and to the end users using the applications, making Neptune still the most cost effective and robust solution on the market.

If you already have downloaded Neptune Application Designer, you will receive an eMail with download URL.

Release Notes

Major Improvements


§ OpenUI5 1.16.7 included in Neptune package.

§ Phonegap export now includes the OpenUI5 library and no manually steps required. (Remember to clear the old setting for SAPUI5 Path if used)

§ Included user friendly logon process and auto update of end user UI5 apps through AppCache functionality.

§ UI5 Formatting functions for changing the displayed text. Reselect functions or create your own function. Compared to use conversion exists, and the Formatter will not change the data in the model

§ UI5 Translation for all Attributes

§ Create your own flexible UI5 List items with binding and HTML5

§ Improved documentation on our support site

Minor Improvements


§ Export to Phonegap with more possibilities/options, supporting Phonegap 3.1.0

§ Calendar/Select disabled for sending data to SAP in Additional Send/Receive model

§ Undo supports longer history of objects

§ Javascript Editor, better pretty printer, context menu (right click), more premade scripts and stronger undo functionality

§ Users default logon language in SU01 will be used for sy-langu in the Application Class

§ sap.m.TileContainer - Now possible to bind to internal table for dynamic StandardTiles

§ sap.m.Toolbar can be child to Panel/List/Table

§ sap.ui.commons.Menu can be child to sap.ui.commons.TableColumn

§ Creating new app – now starts on the Application Tab

§ Pretty Printer also available for HTML Object and Stylesheet

§ Possible to set CSS tag in body instead of header, to use in XHR scenario like AppCache

§ Possible to deactivate the Application

§ Encode/decode data to prevent error with special characters


§ New Objects














§ Depricated Objects




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