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Problem with sap.viz

Hi people,

I am quite new with the Neptune Application Designer, but I have a small problem with the sap.viz with Splitt App.

I want to display a single graph (does not matter what kind of - I have been trying with pie) and there seems to be a problem with the binding of the data. I am using in my assistant class the type  /NEPTUNE/CHART_DATA_TT for my table and I am passing the data correctly in it as I can see in my ABAP debugger. I am binding the Datasource, Data and Value at the General tab of the Pie in the NAD, but at the display it only says No Data. I am reading my data from another table on my app which is working fine. Tried many different scenarios like changing the data types I wanted to display or reading direct from the DB displaying the chart in the same/differnet page but as I said the ABAP code seems to be working fine the problem seems to be with the binding. Any ideas what that might be? I can send any part of the code you like. 

thx in advance!



Have you seen our documentation for the sap.viz ?


Important: As of default, no data are passed to the objects, so you need to either set the attribute setInitLoad to Online or trigger it manually by function getOnline+ObjectName. If the charts are on different page than the startpage, please also add the ObjectName.rerender(); Sometimes the chart will not redraw even if new data is present.

If this does not work, please create a ticket, and explain more about your code and we will help you make this work.


Ole Andre

just solved it! Well as I though I was missing sth else I guess more basic.

this topic helped:



I should set at the table where I am selecting the rows at the Additional Model Send / Recieve the receive option for my chart.

However it looks a bit strange, I mean I could understand it better if I had to choose the send option. Know where I can find more info on how this Additional Model option works?




Hi Ole Andre and thx for your answer,

before I make a ticket I want a small explanation. I think the setInitLoad does not exist for sap.viz objects but I tried the getOnline, and the rerender commands, but I am not quite sure where to put them and if I have to put anything on the getOnline brackets(I leave them blank)? I put those commands in the Anonymous function of the master page(as I said I use the split App) where  I call the detail page where the graph is situated. Am I in the right direction?




If you use Simple Charts -> Check Attributes on Chart, there you find the setInitLoad 

If you use Complex Charts -> Check Attributes on FlattenedDataset, there you find the setInitLoad

Recommended flow:

Example: Simple Chart - name = myChart

1) When navigation to the detail page, only use the function getOnlinemyChart(); in the event press for a button or other navigation you have.

2) On the ajaxSuccess event for the chart, perform the navigation App.toDetail("yourDetailPage"); + myChart.rerender();

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