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Can we deploy the mobile solution developd based on Neptune as an app

Hi Team,


I know the mobile app can be acccessed by using the url in my smartphone.

Can this be deployed as an APP in my smartphone ???



Thanks in advance

Hi Prakash,

Great to hear that you have created an App and can view it with your browser (WebApp). The next step is to use our "Export to Phonegap". 


The export will create all recources needed and for the native build we use build.phonegap.com

If you have made an SAPUI5 application, i strongly advice to use AppCache as the App you package on the phone. Much better handler for the logon and update process.



Ole Andre

Hi ,

I have deployed the app on the Android device following the above steps , but i am not able to the data from the SAP system  .

I can see the tiles buttons and other elements from the app but with no data .

Did i missed something ?

Need Help :(

Hi Swapnil,

something might be missing..   if you put an external break-point in the ABAP class HANDLE_ON_AJAX  method of one of your apps.. is it triggered ?

When running the launchpad on a desktop browser (same user).. does it work correctly?

This video will help you on debugging the mobile app:  https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored.html#vid00163EDC99661ED5B8A9623B96D8B56C

Kind regards,


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