Neptune Software offers APIs for local data storage and synchronization with the server when connected. Neptune providse the framework for synchronization of data out/in between the client and SAP. Our application class provides the neccessary methods for the ABAP coding. We always send the time stamp when the client was last synced so there is no need to sync out a complete dataset everytime. Combined with the Phonegap database you can have up to 2T on your client. However, having so much data on your device would mean that something is wrong. We recommend that offline functionality in the application is limited to the necessary master and transaction data, when online application will always have superior functionality. The solution has in addition support for session management to ensure that they retain data if you lose your network for short periods.

For the SAPUI5 framework there is an possibility to cache all Models to build offline solution. The cache functionality is achieved with attribute settings on the spesific Model.