The Carousel control can be used to navigate through a list of sap.m controls just like flipping through the pages of a book by swiping right or left. An indicator shows the current position within the control list.

This carousel implementation always renders three controls: the one which is currently active, the one to the right and the one to the left. After a swipe, these pages are exchanged accordingly, the next control in the list is loaded, the control which is out of scope is released.

Similar to the NavContainer control, the carousel triggers events on it pages, when flipping through them. These events are: - 'BeforeFirstShow': triggered, when a page is rendered for the first time wthin the carousel - 'BeforeShow': triggered whenever a page is rendered (analogous to 'loadPage event) - 'AfterHide': triggered when the page is discarded from the carousel's 'viewport' (analogous to 'unloadPage event).


The Carousel object will be the parent to pages. All pages can then be accessed by swiping left/right. Navigation to the Carousel page is the same as normal pages:"CarouselName");

With SplitApp

Remember to set parent position for the carousel so the SplitApp understand that the carousel is a Detail or Master page.