sap.m.List Control is the container for all list items. Selection, deletion, unread states and inset style are also maintained here.

Note: The List including all contained items is completely re-rendered when the data of a bound model is changed. Due to the limited hardware resources of mobile devices this can lead to longer delays for lists with many items. As such the usage of a list is not recommended for these use cases.


A very powerful object commonly used in a mobile Application. Both as list binded to an internal table or as layout container for input/display fields.

The List can be bound to an internal table from the Application Class and render one item for each record in the internal table. Use it in conjuction with IconTabBar as a child.

Use one predefined ListItem type or create your own. The ListItem will act as a template for all rows displayed in the list. All properties can be bound to a field in the internal table.

Predefined ListItems

  1. ActionListItem 
  2. CustomListItem 
  3. DisplayListItem 
  4. FeedListItem 
  5. GroupHeaderListItem 
  6. InputListItem 
  7. ObjectListItem 
  8. StandardListItem