The select element represents a control for selecting amongst a set of options.

The select menu is based on a native select element, which is hidden from view and replaced with a custom-styled select button that matches the look and feel of the jQuery Mobile framework. The select menu is ARIA-enabled and keyboard accessible on the desktop as well.

By default, the framework leverages the native OS options menu to use with the custom button. When the button is clicked, the native OS menu will open. When a value is selected and the menu closes, the custom button’s text is updated to match the selected value. Please note that the framework also offers the possibility of having custom (non-native) select menus.



Label text. Possible to enter static text and translate to different languages if needed. Use the translate button to translate to desired language. The label can also be binded to an public attribute from the Application Class.


Direct binding of the value entered to the Application Class. No more need for extra coding, the data is passed to the Application Class in the OnSubmit event, to the binded source.


Binds value for attributes to the object. All valid attributes can be binded.

Format from Application Class:

id="demo" width="100px"


Binds value for styles to the object. All valid styles can be binded.

Format from Application Class:

width: 100px; length: 200px


If the binded value for this field contains a value, the object will not be rendered from the server to the client. The disable function will also disable all child objects.

Value Table

Binding the content from an database table to the select.

Value Field

The field containing the value for the Select from the database table.

Label Field

The field containing the label for the Select from the database table.

Show Key Word

Check this if you want to display both label and value.


Easy setting to allow only filtered values to be shown in the select list.

Parameter ID

Setting the parameter ID from user profile parameters as default value.

Default Value

Setting the default value.

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