The dataloop plugin provide loop logic into to UI, based on entries from an internal table in the application class. All child elements to the dataloop plugin will be rendered for each record in the internal table.


Simple Loop

For a simple loop bind only the datasource (internal table)

Nested Loop

For a nested loop bind the datasource and the checktable. Then build the Where statement with the field selection for datasource and checktable. Allowed conditions: EQ, NE, LT, GT, LE, GE


Using Unsorted List with dataloop. Every records in the internal table in the dataloop, create a new Line (LI) in the Unsorted List (UL).


Dataloop and Application Class

If you use the dataloop plugin and have input fields you need to use in the application class, this is how to do it.

  • FORM Element on the page
  • SUBMIT Button to send all the values to the server
  • Use API for getting all data from the dataloop into your own internal table

Get data from Form (onSubmit)

call method server->api_table_get_data


table_name = 'IT_VBAP'


table_data = it_order.