The wijinput widgets allow you to create masked, numeric, percentage, currency and date inputs, depending on the type of data users will be entering.

This widget, the wijinputmask, improves the efficiency and accuracy of data entry by controlling the values users can enter into a text box. The wijinputmask widget uses a mask to distinguish between proper and improper user input. You can define the mask using themask option.

If you define an edit mask, each character position in the control maps to either a special placeholder or a literal character. Literal characters, or literals, can give visual cues about the type of data being used. For example, the parentheses surrounding the area code of a telephone number and dash are literals: (412) 123-4567. The edit mask prevents you from entering invalid characters into the control and provides other enhancements of the user interface.




Input label. Possible to enter static text and translate to different languages if needed. Use the translate button to translate to desired language. The label can also be binded to an public attribute from the application class.


Direct binding of the value entered to the Application Class. No more need for extra coding, the data is passed to the Application Class in the OnSubmit event, to the binded source.

Conv. Exit

Enter a shortcode for conversion exit name if you need to display the data from the datasource in a different way. Use DEC2 for 2 decimals etc.( CONVERSION_EXIT_DEC2_OUTPUT )


Binds value for attributes to the object. All valid attributes can be binded.

Format from Application Class:

id="demo" width="100px"


Binds value for styles to the object. All valid styles can be binded.

Format from Application Class:

width: 100px; length: 200px


If the binded value for this field contains a value, the object will not be rendered from the server to the client. The disable function will also disable all child objects.

Parameter ID

Setting the parameter ID from user profile parameters as default value.

Default Value

Setting the default value.

Set Focus

The input field get focus when displaying a page at the client. Only one input field for one page can be used with the Set Focus method.

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